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Quick Fence Repairs You Can Do On Your Own

vinyl fence repair, sugarmill flAll fences will need maintenance of some kind during their lifespan. Some of these repairs are easy while others will be more in-depth. Depending on your level of expertise or available tools, you may be able to address many of these on your own. These six quick fence repairs will help you keep your fence looking beautiful and in good working order.


Installing a new fence is almost always a worthwhile investment. After the installation process, one of the first questions our customers ask their A Perfect 10 Fencing technician is how they can prolong the life of their new fence.

The biggest thing you can do is clean your fence. It keeps the aesthetics up. It also is preventative in nature. By keeping your fence clean, you can help mitigate major repairs down the road by identifying smaller problems today.

Sanding and filling in the damage

For wood fences, some of those smaller problems are cracks and knotholes. Sand them down once you discover them. Next, clear away the excessive sawdust. Then, use a small putty knife to fill in the cracks or holes with wood filler. Give it 12 to 24 hours, then sand it down to smooth out and stain as appropriate.

Replace broken pickets

Regardless of the type of fencing system you have, one of the quick fence repairs you can often do on your own is to replace broken pickets. These can be a single board in a wood fence, structural damage to a vinyl fence, or unexpected rust on a metal one. Using basic tools, you can typically replace these in less than 20 minutes.

Tighten screws

All types of fencing materials contract and expand — it’s a basic law of science with cooling and heating. As a result, screws can often become loose. Tighten these down using your drill or screwdriver. You may want to plan to do this to your entire fence once a year as a proactive maintenance project.

Reinforcing a post

If one of your fence posts is beginning to sag, dig out the dirt around it, break up the existing concrete with a sledgehammer and replace it with new. Brace it with a plumb and use a temporary bracket to keep the post in an upright position for 48 hours (or until the concrete fully sets).

Creating a temporary support

As an alternative above, if you plan to contact the professionals you can create a temporary support for a sagging post. Use a long 2×4 to create a wedge, effectively forming a right triangle. This will prevent further sagging until your fence technician can visit your property.

wood fence installation, nobleton flWhen you need fence repairs, call the experts at A Perfect 10 Fencing

Each of these six quick fence repairs can be completed relatively easily. However, we understand that not everyone has the time to take care of them. When that’s the case, or you have a more extensive fence repair need, we’re here to help. With over 18 years of experience in the business, there’s no problem our qualified team can’t handle.

If you need to schedule any kind of fence repair, be sure to contact one of our A Perfect 10 Fencing technicians as soon as possible. You can reach them via phone, 727-457-6962, or by filling out our short website contact form.