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What is a Shadowbox Fence?

It is always good to consider the many different types of fences to choose from and ask questions like, “What is a shadowbox fence?” It’s possible that this unique type of fence, also known as a board-on-board fence, is for you. A shadowbox fence is an eye-pleasing privacy fence, and more about this open design style of fencing follows.

Why is it Called a “Shadowbox” Fence?

Shadowbox fence, nobleton fl

The aesthetic appeal of a shadowbox fence is the reason most homeowners choose this style. The name makes sense because the way a shadowbox fence is designed, it casts a shadow within itself. When it is being built, a shadowbox fence has the same basic frame as virtually any privacy fence. The big difference is the way the pickets are placed when installed.

Instead of putting one picket next to another, on a shadowbox fence, one picket is installed on one side of the frame and the next on the other side of the frame. The picket on one side fills the gaps made by the pickets on the other side of the rails. This blocks the view through the fence sufficiently to make it a privacy fence. Back and forth with the pickets is the way the fence is built.


Benefits of a Shadowbox Fence

In addition to the fact that shadowbox fences add a lot to curb appeal, the following are more benefits of this type of privacy fence:

Protection in Windstorms

The fact that more air can get through the fencing provides added protection against strong winds. Fences that have tight construction and are virtually like walls are much more prone to be blown over.

Better Lighting

The airy spacing in shadowbox fences adds additional light to the yard from the sun. If there are streetlights in the area and/or security lights in your yard, there’s better visibility at night, too. The brightness means otherwise shadowy areas are lit, exposing anything or anyone who may be lurking on either side of the fence.

Cooler on Breezy Days

Pleasant gusts of wind in the summertime are a real treat. With a shadowbox fence, Florida breezes aren’t obstructed and you can enjoy being in your yard more than ever. Typical privacy fences block the wind.

Happy Neighbors

As the old saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. This saying generally refers to respecting one another’s property. When it comes to a shadowbox fence, neighbors are even happier! It’s nice when privacy fences look good on both sides, rather than displaying the obvious backside of a fence to surrounding neighbors.

shadowbox fence install in beverly hills floridaMore About Curb Appeal

A portion of a home’s value is found in curb appeal. Shadowbox fences not only boost your curb appeal but also add better views for surrounding properties. You may be able to create some serious goodwill among your neighbors by choosing shadowbox fence.


Initially, common types of privacy fences do a better job of obstructing all outside views. As wood shrinks, however, board-to-board fences end up with gaps that eliminate that advantage. The staggered method of building shadowbox fences means that wood shrinkage is of no effect. The overlap of the boards on the opposite side of the fence rail compensates for the shrinkage.

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