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Split Rail Fencing: An Economical and Beautiful Option for Your New Fence

Split Rail fencing is what you commonly see on farms and ranches. Most often constructed of wood or vinyl, this fence style features two, three or four horizontal rails anchored by posts set at appropriate intervals. A split rail fence works well to contain cattle and mark property lines for livestock and farming operations, but it also can make a beautiful addition to your residential property.

Classifying the modern split rail fence

Split Rail Fence Install In weeki wachee, flThe primary purpose of rail fencing is to establish property boundaries and add a classic aesthetic touch, which causes them to be classified most often as perimeter or decorative fences. Yet modern split rail fences can serve multiple purposes.

  • Open spaces between the rails keep areas beyond the fence visible and contribute to a less-boxed-in feeling
  • A split rail fence makes a yard area seem larger and more spacious, while still offering a level of protection
  • Playing children know that the fence is their play-area perimeter and can be taught to stay within it
  • Depending on the width of the spaces between the rails, split rail fencing can provide a degree of wind- and debris-blockage
  • If your home is set in close proximity to foot traffic, this type of fence will keep intruders or stragglers off your property

Wood fence options

Wooden split rail fences add an aura of nostalgia and traditional values to your property. For many homeowners, wood is the ideal choice for their new fence.

  • Wood is strong and holds up in extreme weather events
  • When properly installed and cared for, wood fences perform well for decades
  • Wood split rail fences are less expensive than fences built with other popular materials
  • Because wood can be painted and stained, it’s easy to create the perfect custom appearance to accent your overall property

Vinyl Fence Installation in Hernando, Fl Vinyl fence options

Vinyl or PVC material is another great option for a new split rail fence. Vinyl fencing brings unique benefits including:

When professionally installed, vinyl fencing often carries a lifetime warranty that covers materials and workmanship

Vinyl fences are strong and durable and virtually impervious to damage

Coloring is done during the manufacturing process; many shades and tones are available that will not fade with age

Vinyl split rail fencing requires minimal maintenance – basic cleaning/spraying off is about all you’ll need to do

Professional split rail fence installation

Whether you choose a handsome split rail perimeter fence or another style like a privacy fence, security fence, safety fence or pool fence, it’s critical that you work with an experienced installation team.

Your fencing contractor should be licensed in the state(s) where he or she does business, and the company should be bonded and insured for your protection. The crew also must be familiar with installing the specific type of fence you desire.

Hiring anything short of a trusted, credible fence installation contractor can leave you with a fence built from inferior materials and/or is set incorrectly in the ground. This type of fence will cost you big money for repair work down the line.

If you’re thinking that a gorgeous new split rail fence constructed of wood or vinyl would be ideal for your property, contact Florida’s first choice for residential fence installations, A Perfect 10 Fencing.

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