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How Long Should I Expect My Fence to Last?

This is a good question to ask before purchasing a new fence. While all fences installed by professional fencing contractors will be excellent in terms of workmanship and materials, not all of the available fencing materials have the same lifespans.

It’s always a good idea to know a little about how long you should expect your new fence to last before you arrange an installation.

First things first

Beyond the actual fencing materials, your environment plays a big part in the lifespan of any type of fence you install. Extreme hot and cold temperatures, more-than-typical rainfall, heavy winds, snowdrifts, ice storms, salty air near coastal waters – these and other elements can affect how well your fence holds up and how long it lasts.

aluminum fencing, pasco county floridaMetal fences

Metal is a strong material that will last for several decades and often quite a bit longer when the metal is properly treated and the fence is installed by a professional.

Metal fences include chain link, wrought iron, and aluminum. Galvanized chain-link typically is the longest-lasting of all fencing materials. Close behind is wrought iron that receives a rust-resistant application every several years.

Wrought iron is a good metal fencing choice when you seek a unique design  and various options for decorative aesthetics for your yard.

Vinyl fences

Also referred to as PVC fencing, vinyl fencing material is very durable and virtually maintenance-free. You should expect 20+ years of quality service from a new vinyl fence.

The drawback to vinyl fencing is the limited choices of colors. But if that’s not a problem, you’ll enjoy easy maintenance, which involves little more than an occasional spray-off with a hose.

Another benefit of purchasing a new vinyl fence is the variety of design styles and shapes, which include picket, lattice, and split-rail.

wood fencing, brooksville flWood fences

When considering a wood fence, be aware that a big key to longevity will be the type of wood that’s used. In its natural state, cedar generally is the longest-lasting fence wood with a lifespan of up to 30 years. Pine should provide up to 12 years of quality service. Spruce, while a beautiful wood, often lasts just four to seven years before needing to be replaced.

However, with proper treatment of the wood, these and other wood varieties will last much longer. Your wood fence also will have a longer lifespan if you keep it away from moist ground soil, which can rot wood. Waterproofing the posts will help avoid this problem as will installing the posts in a cement base.

When in doubt, ask an expert

We’ve outlined some of the variables that affect the lifespan of metal, vinyl, and wood fences. Your best source of information for your particular fence installation is your local fencing contractor. These professionals can tell you many more details about each type of fencing available and help you make a choice that will satisfy you for many years to come.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor specializing in the installation of vinyl/PVC, wrought iron, aluminum, chain link, and wood fences. We have the experience and know-how to turn your dream into the reality of a truly “perfect 10” fence.

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