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Vinyl Picket Fence or Vinyl Privacy Fence: Which Is Best for You?

Vinyl fencing materials create long-lasting, beautiful fences. If you’re thinking about adding a fence to your property, you may find that vinyl (also called PVC) fencing is the perfect material to go with.

Two of the most popular vinyl fencing installations are picket fences and privacy fences. Let’s look at how each style can benefit you and enhance your property.

Vinyl Fence Repair & Install in Port Richey, FlPicket fences

The traditional white picket fence has been one of the most popular fencing styles in America. A property with no fence will be instantly transformed by installing a lovely new picket fence. When well-maintained, your fence will keep on looking fantastic for years.

White is the “standard” for picket fences, but you’re not limited. Your fence can be a variety of different colors to blend with the backdrop of your house or landscaping.

Picket fences typically are three to four feet high with the openings between the vertical pickets varying in width. The tops of the pickets can be pointed, flat or other unique shapes.

Ideal uses for picket fences

  • Perimeter/boundary fence
  • Safety fence for (some) children and pets
  • Decorative fence
  • Pool fence (depending on the size of the children/pets you want to keep away from the pool)

Vinyl Fence Install In Hernando, FlPrivacy fences

Vinyl or PVC material is a perfect choice for a secure privacy fence. Homeowners who wish to live on their properties and not be watched by neighbors and passersby often install a privacy fence that completely blocks the view. You can order vinyl fencing in a variety of shades and colors, all applied professionally in a factory. The max height for a front-yard vinyl privacy fence may be limited by your municipal or county zoning office, so check with them before having the fence installed.

Zoning requirements often are less stringent for backyard fences, so a taller fence is doable. Since most activity happens in the backyard, a good PVC privacy fence will keep everyone on the other side from keeping their eyes on you.

Other applications for vinyl fencing

  • Security fence and gate systems
  • Noise-reduction fence
  • Safety fence
  • Perimeter/boundary fence
  • Decorative fence
  • Pool fence
  • Maintaining a vinyl fence

Maintenance for a vinyl picket fence or vinyl privacy fence is pretty simple: a good hosing off with a strong spray is about all you’ll need to do to keep it looking great.

Vinyl is a very strong material and isn’t susceptible to rotting and insect problems as wood fences sometimes are. It won’t rust, and it’s unlikely it will ever warp or bend.

While picket fences and privacy fences serve different purposes, the vinyl material they’re made of will bring you many years of beauty and service. The key to fence you can always be proud of is having it installed by an experienced local fencing contractor who can take your ideas and create the exact type of fence you’re dreaming of.

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