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What Fence Height Is Right for My Property?

One of the most important elements in choosing a new fence for your home or business property is determining its optimal height. When you work with a professional fencing contractor, he or she will advise you on fence height based on your purpose for the fence. Some fences should be taller, others can be shorter depending on use and location, but you should make this decision early in the fence-buying process.

Note: Depending on where you live, there may be local restrictions on fence height depending on where the fence will be installed on your property. The following guidelines we provide may not apply in every locale.

Ideal heights for different types of fences

Privacy Fence Building spring hill flPrivacy fence

The idea behind a privacy fence is to block the view of your property from adjacent properties and/or the street. Most privacy fences are installed in backyards to provide privacy for people using their outdoor living spaces for parties, grilling, socializing, playing and relaxing.

For most applications, a six-foot fence made from either wood or vinyl/PVC would be appropriate. It’s common for HOAs and local zoning to allow for taller fences around the backyard than around the front yard. 




Security fence

While you may not be able to erect a six- or eight-foot security fence on the front of your property, you still can deter intruders with a shorter fence equipped with a locking security gate, whether it’s a rolling gate or a single-entry gate.

In the backyard, a security fence made of metal, wood or vinyl often can be much taller. Remember: any size fence can act as a deterrent, and no fence is the singular solution to property security. Closed-circuit cameras and an alarm system are a smart additions to a property where strict security is vital.

Safety fence

Fences that keep playing children and pets contained should be sized according to need. Three-feet in height is often ideal, but you may need to go higher if you have a breed of dog that is known to be a “jumper.”

Ornamental fence

If your goal with a fence is simply to enhance the beauty of your property, a standard painted wood picket fence or metal rail fence might be perfect. A beautiful three- or four-foot fence along the front and sides of your property not only looks great but can be a perk for homebuyers if and when you put your home on the market.

Pool Fence, spring hill flPool fence

Because most pools are in backyards, you likely won’t have a lot of trouble getting approval to build a taller fence around yours, if that’s what you want. The main purpose of a pool fence is to keep kids and pets safe when adults aren’t available to supervise. For this reason, four feet to six feet is an ideal height. Pool fences along with locking gates can be built with wood, metal, PVC or chain link.

Before you start installation

It’s always best to consult closely with your fencing contractor during the planning stages to determine not only fence height but also placement, fencing materials and specific design elements. Experienced contractors are familiar with zoning requirements and can make sure your new fence meets any local regulations.

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