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What to Look for in a Backyard Fence

If you have an unfenced backyard, you might be thinking it’s about time to install a nice fence around it. Before you get started, give a little thought to your purpose for the fence and the different fencing materials that would best suit that purpose.

Why do you want a backyard fence?

Backyard fencing can be installed for a variety of specific purposes.

vinyl fence installation in Hernando, FlSecurity fence: These are tall fences that serve as deterrents to intruders. Security fences can include a single-entry or rolling gate, both of which can include password entry and automatic opening and closing.

Safety fence: Kids and pets love to play in backyards. If your property is set up in a way that kids and pets need to stay within its boundaries, a sturdy security fence will bring you peace of mind.

Privacy fence: Depending on what all you do in your backyard, you may wish for a little more privacy from neighbors. A privacy fence installation will block the view from outside, and, depending on the material, also can serve as a noise-reducer.


Perimeter fence: You may just want to state the boundaries of your property. Many fencing styles will work well for this purpose.

Ornamental fence: These fences are purely for decorative purposes, although they can also accomplish other things, too.

Pool fence: Pool fences don’t encircle the entire backyard, but we mention them here because pools often are in backyards, and a pool fence is very important to prevent risk of injury and drowning.

Fencing materials for a backyard fence installation

After you decide the function or functions you want your new fence to provide, you can consider the different fencing materials that would work well for your type of fence. (Your fencing contractor will go over all this with you, but it’s always good to think about it ahead of time.)

Commercia Aluminum Fence Install In Weeki Wachee, FlMetal fencing

Metal or aluminum fencing is strong and long-lasting. Metal fences typically have posts set a certain width apart, making the fence “see-through.”  Metal fencing is a good choice for all applications except privacy/noise-reduction fencing.

Vinyl/PVC fencing

Vinyl fencing, also referred to as PVC fencing, is a beautiful and resilient material to use for a backyard fence. It can be solid or with open post gaps. Vinyl fencing is great for every fencing application.

Chain link fencing

Chain link is an economical fencing material that can be coated and colored for a unique appearance. A backyard chain link fence is suitable as a safety fence, privacy fence (if you add slats to block the view), perimeter fence and pool fence.

Wood fencing

Traditional wood fencing is used in a wide range of fence styles and applications. While upkeep is a little more involved than with other fencing materials, wood gives you a one-of-a-kind look. This material is ideal for all the applications we discussed here.

When you know what you want your backyard fence to accomplish and you’re familiar with the choices in materials, A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, can help you make your vision a reality. We’re a licensed and insured Florida fencing contractor that installs only “perfect 10” fences. Call us today at (352) 606-2623.