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What Type of Fence Should I Choose?

best types of fencing - spring hill flMaking the decision to put a fence around your property can bring you many welcomed benefits. But that’s just the first step. After deciding that you want a fence, the next step is to decide what kind of fence to have installed. Here are some ideas to think about in choosing the ideal fence.

The purpose of the fence

Fencing can be used for several purposes. The most common are:

  1. Decoration
  2. Safety for people who live in the home
  3. Privacy

Let’s look at each of these three types of fences.

Decorative fence

Most any type of fencing – whether it be wood, chain link, vinyl or metal – can add a positive decorative element to your property. When decoration is your main reason for adding a fence, you have many options to choose from.

A lovely white picket fence made of wood or vinyl slats will look great in front of and around most any kind of home. Add just the right paint color to make a perfect blend with the property.

Ornamental fencing such as an aluminum/metal fence will give a property a stately, sophisticated look. Black aluminum powder-coated and white aluminum powder-coated are two metal fence styles that continue to grow in popularity.

When shopping for a decorative fence, your fencing contractor can give you plenty of ideas in choosing the perfect fence for your home.

Safety fence

Safety can be thought of in two ways: keeping unwanted things out, and keeping wanted things in.

Many parents of small children install new fencing to ensure that their kids have an impenetrable boundary while playing in the yard. These safety fences often are made of chain link, which is a very durable material, or vinyl, which is also long-lasting.

Another type of safety fence provides solid perimeter security and has a gate with a key or code lock. Homes with daunting security fences are less likely to be breached by the average intruder or burglar. These security fences often block out all visibility of the home, such as with a PVC or strong wood fence. Another popular safety fence style is the type built with heavy-duty metal posts.

Privacy fence

A privacy fence can serve many purposes such as those listed above, but its main function is to act as a privacy shield from things outside the property. This can include noise, vehicle traffic and passersby.

A lovely privacy fence made of tall vinyl or wood sections can completely block out things you don’t want to see while keeping your private life from being seen by anybody else. Privacy fences also do a good job at blocking out noisy neighbors and general street noise.

pro fencing installations - brooksville flContact a Fencing Installation Professional

After you’ve determined your reason for wanting a new fence, the next step is to consult with a reputable fencing contractor to explore all your options for specific materials, colors, styles, sizes and pricing. Whatever kind of fence you desire, you’ll enjoy it a lot more when it is built by experts who are here to serve you.

A Perfect 10 Fencing offers professional installation of all types of fencing throughout the Brooksville, FL, region. Like you, we believe that only a “perfect 10” fence will be good enough, so that’s the only kind of fence we build. Talk with an expert about your new fence by calling (352) 606-2623.