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When is The Best Season for A Fencing Project

Fencing is a great way to make your home stand out. Privacy fences offer a sense of seclusion. Metal fencing keeps your pets safe and secure. Decorative fencing adds a little bit of extra spark to your home. Of course, this raises an interesting question. When is the best season for a fence project?

Fence installation Beverly Hills, FLGenerally speaking, the best season for a fence project is in the spring and summer, with the early fall as a secondary consideration. Here are the top things to keep in mind when choosing when to start yours.

Warmer weather

Everybody wants to be outside when the temperature rises. Although we don’t have quite the same amount of winter season downtime here in Florida, there’s still a sense of excitement that comes with sunny skies and warmer weather.

When it’s warmer out, the ground is easier to work with. Cement will set faster and paint will dry quicker in the spring and summer months due to higher temperatures.

Staining also works better during the spring and summer

It’s important to protect your fence from high ultraviolet rays. Both staining and painting help with this. Stains will take better, dry faster, and overall work better when it’s warm out than otherwise.

Materials pricing and labor availability

Earlier, we said that fall can act as a secondary consideration. Raw materials typically are more expensive in the spring. If money is a concern, an early fall fence project may be slightly cheaper, at least in terms of materials. Of course, with supply chain fluctuations your mileage may vary. With labor, that’s going to depend on your contractor. Here at A Perfect 10 Fencing, the busy season starts in the spring and ends at the start of fall. Scheduling is sometimes easier if you can wait until later in the year.

Fencing Installation Sugarmill, FL


Another reason to install a fence during the spring or summer is the vacation season. As most homeowners take vacations during those months, the installation process will be less distracting to you as you’re simply not home to see it.


Installing a fence in winter

This isn’t to say you can’t install a fence or work on your existing fence project during the winter months. In fact, there are a couple of reasons why this may even be the better choice for you.

Other fence project considerations 

There are a couple of general fence project considerations to be aware of, regardless of when you choose to tackle it.