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Why Metal Fencing Is Preferred by Many Homeowners

Whether your fence is installed for security, child safety, pool safety, boundary establishment or any other purpose, you want it to look good through the years and do its job well. A good-looking, long-lasting fence is a desire of many homeowners who choose metal fencing for their residential and business properties.

Security fence fence installation in West FloridaThe many benefits of metal, wrought iron and chain link fencing

Metal lasts a long time

A metal fence properly installed will serve you well for many years – and it likely will keep on serving long after you’ve moved on to a new home. It’s rare that metal fences need to be replaced, even after extreme weather events that often damage other fencing materials.


Metal fencing is exceptionally durable in extreme conditions

Because of the strength of metal and fencing styles that allow wind to rush through them rather than hit them full-force, wrought iron and other metal fences are strong performers in heavy winds.

They’re also great in rainy regions.

Rust-prevention coating

Water and metal usually don’t mix, but with the specialized paint and coatings available with modern metal fencing, dealing with rust and corrosion will not be on your “to-do” list.

Minimal maintenance

A metal security fence, privacy fence, pool fence and other styles will require very little work on your part to maintain. You won’t be dealing with rot and mold, the fence won’t warp, bend and sway, and any dust or dirt is quickly and easily removed with a hose sprayer.

When you sell your home

Homebuyers like properties that look neat and together. A stately metal fence is a perfect way to accomplish this. Homebuyers also like fences that they know will last a long time and keep looking fantastic year after year. Your metal fence may not fetch you a higher selling price, but it could help to attract more qualified, motivated buyers.

Chain Link Fence Repair & Install in Brooksville, FlMetal fence installation

Fences are found widely throughout the state of Florida, partly because people spend a lot of the year outdoors and enjoy fences that meet specific needs. Briefly, here are some popular fence installations to serve a variety of purposes.

Security fence: Metal/wrought iron fencing presents a strong barrier against intruders, especially when coupled with a computerized rolling or single-entry gate system.

Safety fence: When you need to keep playing children and pets contained, a beautiful metal fence is an ideal choice.

Pool fence: Pool fences with locking gates save lives. An open-style chain link or iron post fence is perfect for this job.

Swimmers don’t feel “boxed in,” and little people and pets who shouldn’t be around the pool unsupervised are kept away from it.

Ornamental fence: For decorative purposes, it’s hard to beat a fine metal fence for accenting a property and giving it a sense of elegance and stability.

Perimeter fence: Metal is a long-lasting material that’s widely used for establishing property lines and keeping wandering pets and people away.

If you’ve been thinking of a new fence for your home or business, let the experts at A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, be your guide in choosing the “perfect 10” fence. We’re a licensed Florida fencing contractor who will go that extra mile to install a fence you’ll enjoy all year for many years to come.

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