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Why Is My Fence Leaning, And How Can I Fix It?

There are three primary reasons for a fence to lean. They include: Damage from external causes Issues with how the fence was installed Old age Let’s look at each of these areas and then talk about how to solve leaning-fence issues. External damage Wood, vinyl, chain link and aluminum fences are all susceptible to damage... Read more

Privacy Fence Styles for Performance & Beauty

A common reason homeowners have fences installed is to afford them and their properties some privacy. A good privacy fence effectively blocks the view of neighbors, passersby and street traffic while adding an attractive decorative element to your property. Best privacy fence materials With some modifications, just about any fencing material can be used to... Read more

Vinyl Fence Around Trash Cans & Appliances

Garbage and recycling cans, propane tanks, central air conditioning systems and other objects can detract from the tidiness and beauty of a home’s exterior and its landscape in general. A perfect way to solve this problem is with a vinyl fencing enclosure to hide these objects and actually bring more beauty to your property. Why... Read more

What is a Good Neighbor Fence?

Fences that divide two residential properties can be the subject of much dispute between neighbors. The disputes usually are over where the neighbor installing a fence determined the property boundaries to be; in other cases, disputes arise when the party not installing the fence ends up with the unfinished side of the fence facing his... Read more

Simple Tips on Maintaining a Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence makes a beautiful, sturdy border for any property, but to keep it looking great and give it a long life, there are a few fence maintenance tasks you’ll want to see to. Here’s a general outline of ways to maintain your wrought iron fence. The main challenge with iron fences If... Read more

Will a Fence Add Value to Your Home?

A new fence installation is an investment, so naturally, people wonder if they’ll recoup that investment when they sell their home. There’s no easy answer to this because it would depend on the quality, size, materials and function of the fence. For example, a simple 40-foot picket fence may not cause an appraiser to tack... Read more

Ways to Improve Your Backyard Security

Your backyard can be an easy point of entry for a burglar. Lawn furniture, outdoor grills, and other outdoor entertainment equipment can attract crimes of opportunity. You can protect your home from criminal activity by improving your backyard security. #1. Install a Home Security System There are many home security systems available today. The most... Read more

Is Split Rail Fencing Right for Me?

Split rail fencing has been popular in the U.S.A. since colonial times. It’s a staple feature in the countryside across America. You can increase your home’s curb appeal with this classic fence. You can easily spot the difference between a split rail fence and a privacy fence. A privacy fence is designed to protect your... Read more

What is a Shadowbox Fence?

It is always good to consider the many different types of fences to choose from and ask questions like, “What is a shadowbox fence?” It’s possible that this unique type of fence, also known as a board-on-board fence, is for you. A shadowbox fence is an eye-pleasing privacy fence, and more about this open design... Read more

To Repair or Replace a Damaged Wood Fence

If you have a fairly new wood fence that’s leaning or whose pickets or rails are loose or missing, you have an issue that needs to be brought up with the fence installer. If, however, your fence is getting up there in age and showing signs of significant disrepair, you have to decide whether to... Read more